Shuffleboard why better

Shuffleboard Tables – Why Better

1. Our boards start with a better lumber selection. Instead of maple playfields, we make ours out of beech, which is 11% more rigid and 19% more shock resistant than maple.

2. Because beech is so stiff, we were able to reduce the thickness of our playfield from 3” to 2.125” to allow for the proper concavity adjustment and playability of the boards. California House also double tongue-and-grooves (TNG) our planks for superior torsion strength and to allow for more glue surface between the planks.

California House Shuffleboard Tables are known to be the finest made. Here’s why.


3. Cal House playfields are balance-sealed and topped with a two-part poured polymer resin built to an average of 1/8” thick. The polymer we use resists yellowing and consists of 100% solids for a rock hard playing surface that will last.  At first, we poured the polymer 1/4” thick. Then the chemist of the polymer manufacturer told us not to pour anything over 1/8” as a thicker build-up degrades the product (we believed him).

4. California House Climate Adjusters (beneath the playfield) are designed for superior fine-tuning and strength. Climate Adjusters keep the playfield slightly concave and under tension for proper play throughout the year. We use a 1/2” diameter all-thread with 20 threads per inch so your installer can fine tune the playability of the board. Each 1/4” thick steel bracket is fastened to the board with 12 2” long screws that go almost all the way through the playfield. The Climate Adjusters are designed by Cal House and cut, welded, and powder coated in the USA. Climate Adjusters are incredibly important to the playability of the board.  PLEASE compare other manufacturers against ours. And if the shuffleboard you are looking at does not have them at all, do not expect to enjoy your game for very long.


5. As most fine woodworkers know, balancing a piece of wood is extremely important. That means whatever is on one side of the board should be on the other to balance the moisture exchange and keep warping to a minimum. This is no more important than on a shuffleboard playfield.  California House uses the same two-part poured polymer resin on the bottom of the board as we do the top. Several applications are applied to the bottom to seal and balance the board properly. The polymer costs $100’s of dollars per gallon, but we feel it is worth it in the long run to have an environmentally balanced playfield.

6. Our logo and scoring areas are not stickers that are applied to the wood and then sealed with polymer.  California House inlays our playfield with black walnut. The best shuffleboards get the finest details.

7.  Custom inlayed logos are available.


8. Perhaps the one detail that separates California House shuffleboard tables the most in the marketplace are our padded end collars. The decorative yet functional collars protect your cradle from the random flying weight (puck), gives you a perfect hand hold when shooting, and looks great.  You get to choose from a multitude of colors of vinyls or leathers.

9. Our cradles are built like furniture meant to stand the test of time. Solid hardwood chassis and corner blocked cross rails with a hardwood veneer plywood cradle bottom. Legs are pre-assembled at the factory and easily mounted with 5/16” bolts into metal inserts for strength. The solid construction is another reason California House shuffleboard tables are considered to be the finest you can buy. Shuffleboards need a strong foundation to function well. Our heavy duty solid-hardwood construction ensures that the table will not budge or shift or creak under even the most spirited game.

10. California House lines the alleys (area around the playfield) of our shuffleboard tables with polyester microfiber upholstery fabric, not indoor / outdoor carpeting.  Microfiber alleys let you pick from a wide range of colors, looks great, and is easier to clean than carpeting.

11. Finally, California House offers stylish, original designs that are on-trend yet feature timeless qualities.  All Cal House shuffleboard tables are available in your choice of finish color, alley and collar upholstery, and are offered in a wide range of sizes.  All Cal House products are made in the USA.