cleaning wood


To clean, simply wipe with a soft, dry cloth. You may occasionally use a light cleaning product such as Murphy’s Oil Soap® or Pledge® to bring back the original gloss.

Because the hardwood used to make your furniture continues to interact with the environment by expanding in high humidity and contracting in low humidity, it is recommended to avoid extremes in temperatures and humidity.  Simply run an air conditioner in the summer and heater in the winter to keep the relative humidity from getting too high or too low.

Avoid direct sunlight, and do not place your furniture near radiators, heat vents, or fireplaces.


On the back of our fabric swatch samples, you will find the material contents of the fabric as well as a cleaning code.  Here is how to clean each type of fabric:

  • Cleaning Code D: Dry Clean Only
  • Cleaning Code S: Clean with pure solvents in a well‐ventilated room.  Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service is recommended.  Cleaning by water or detergent based solvent cleaners may cause spotting or excessive shrinking.
  • Cleaning Code SW:  Clean only with the foam of a water based cleaning agent or pure solvent in a well‐ventilated room.   Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service is recommended.
  • Cleaning Code W:  Clean only with the foam of a water based cleaning agent.  Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service is recommended.
  • Cleaning Code X: Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing.


For regular care and cleaning, dust periodically with a dry cloth to remove residual dust and prevent dirt from building up. No harsh cleaners or solvents should ever be used on the leather, as they could abrade the finish or topcoat off the article.

For stubborn stains and spills, a lightly damp cloth with warm water should be blotted on the stain to lift and remove it. If this does not work, a mild soap and water solution (Palmolive or Dawn) should be mixed and then blotted to release the stain and then blot again with dry cloth. This should never be done heavily or in a scrubbing motion.

Specially formulated products such as leather cleaners and conditioners can be used to rejuvenate fine leather surfaces; however, some leathers are inherently sensitive so these products should be spot tested before overall use.

Game Table Cloth

The standard game table cloth is bathed in Teflon® for stain resistance.  To clean, brush or lightly vacuum.  For spills, blot the surface with a paper towel.