Pool Table Pockets

California House designs and manufactures a wide variety of pool table styles, but did you know that with one simple change you can make your table go from “clean and modern” to “traditional”? The pocket style selection has a dramatic effect on the appearance of your table, and with the exception of the Skyline, all of our tables are available with either an Internal or External pocket.


Did you know that with one simple change you can make your table go from “clean and modern” to “traditional?”


https://sepiabodoni-expo.com/absu6pcj8 The Internal pocket, by far our most popular style, is also called a drop pocket or enclosed pocket. This style presents a clean silhouette around the table and a more modern appearance. As its name implies, the Internal pocket hides the leather pocket within the rails and aprons of the table. This gives the table a much cleaner appearance and decouples the pocket from the structure of the table. It is also a bit easier to keep clean as the surfaces are more uniform.


As an alternative, we also offer an “External” pocket design. The External pocket, also called a standard pocket, is what most people think of when they picture a pool table in their head. The External pocket is visible from the outside and is made with a leather net with decorative shield. The External pocket actually forms the corner of the table and is connected to each rail via an iron. External pocket tables appear more traditional and have a busier design as the blinds and rails are interrupted. External pocket tables also have a pleasant “click” sound as the ball drops into the pocket after a well-placed shot.


Tramadol Buy Online Uk When choosing the right pool table for your room, make sure to consider pocket layout with your purchase. It can have a dramatic effect on the look of your table.

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