Walk-Up Back Bar

The Walk-Up Back Bar is part of the Build-Your-Own-Bar series and is available in three styles – Marin, Napa, and Rutherford.  The BYOB Walk-Up Back Bar is available in eight sizes and many configurations, allowing you to quickly and easily build the perfect bar for your serving needs.

Product Description
  • Made-to-Order in the United States of America.
  • The Walk Up Back Bar is perfect as a stand alone bar and buffet to place along your wall.
  • Built using 100% solid kiln-dried hardwood and hardwood veneer panels for unmatched durability.
  • Three styles and many sizes and customizations available to fit your room serving needs.
  • Part of the Build-Your-Own-Bar system.
  • Built with standardized cabinet banks to customize your bar’s options and layout.
  • Multi-step, post-catalyzed lacquer finish for tremendous beauty and durability.
  • Make it your own with your choice of virtually unlimited finish colors.
  • Standard = No Refrigerator;  Deluxe = Refrigerator Ready.


Pictured in Marin style.  Standard = Heritage finish.  Deluxe = American Walnut finish.

Finish Options
Decorative Options

Height: 36″

Standard Depth: 19″ / Deluxe Depth: 25″

Both Standard and Deluxe models are available in the following Widths:

44″, 50″, 56″, 62″, 68″, 74″, 80″, 86″, 92″, 98″


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